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Wet Pebble Bud Vase III


Small vase with clear glaze

Approximately 7cm high x 9cm diameter
Hand thrown stoneware, clear overglaze

Due to the handmade nature of these items, the forms and patterns may vary.

 *Dr. Suzanne Morrissette (she/her) is an artist, curator, and scholar. Born and raised in Winnipeg, she is a citizen of the Manitoba Metis Federation. As an artistic researcher Morrissette’s interests include: family and community knowledge, methods of translation, the telling of in-between histories, and practices of making that support and sustain life.

Morrissette holds a PhD from York University in Social and Political Thought. She currently holds the position of Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director for two programs at OCAD University: Criticism and Curatorial Practices (MFA) and Contemporary Art, Design, and New Media Art Histories (MA).

In her spare time, Morrissette is developing a line of functional ceramic ware called sznnnnzs