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Woven Silk Scarf with Fringe

Options: Magenta-Orange

These beautiful hand-dyed silk scarves will keep your neck warm and also add some colour to any winter outfit. Loom-woven by artist Judith Rygiel, each piece is unique! 

100% Silk
20 x 148 cm

Judith Rygiel creates hand-painted and hand-woven silk scarves and stoles. She draws her inspiration from nature and from her research into 19th century textiles. A master weaver, textile historian and dye specialist, Judith hand-paints her warps to create complex colour arrangements. She has operated a weaving studio for more than forty years, and has written and taught courses in weaving, spinning, dyeing and textile-history.

“My studio work involves applying dye to silk thread which is then woven into sumptuous shawls and scarves. The multitude of colours blend and flow to resemble those found in sea shells, sunsets, and northern lights. An academic interest in the history of textiles complements my studio work.  In 2004 I received a PhD in Canadian History from Carleton University with research into the persistence of hand weaving in late 19th century New Brunswick.”