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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Featured Artist: Andreas Krätschmer

Featured Artist: Andreas Krätschmer

Visit the Craft Ontario Shop for Andreas Krätschmer's featured collection, on display in the Feature Window from March 8 - April 6, 2024.

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Extinction Vase by Andreas Kratschmer

This Collection features all-new work, centered around the core theme of fragility & resilience. The bowls and vases are warped, cracked, sometimes charred, sometimes stitched. They feature different surface textures and applied patinas and finishes. The theme of fragility & resilience is a means of personal expression through the work. It refers to the properties of the material wood, to the ecosystem forest, to the challenges of an art practice and to our own human psyche.

Terra I by Andreas Kratschmer

"My woodturning practice is rooted in a deep appreciation for the tradition of crafts, the cultural history of artifacts and our human interaction with nature. I use locally salvaged wood that I turn "green" (freshly cut). In the drying process the wood is naturally subject to tension, warping and cracking. I embrace and amplify this with the use of fire."

Warped Platter by Andreas Kratschmer

"Through my work I tell stories of fragility, strength and resilience. The fragility and resilience of our forests and of the material wood itself teaches us about our own human psyche. There is beauty in cracks, imperfections and fragility. Once we embrace this, we can stand calm and strong."

 Serenity III by Andreas Kratschmer

Andreas Krätschmer is an award-winning woodturner and sculptor. His work is centered around a dialogue with the material wood. He explores themes of fragility, resilience, and the human relation with nature. Krätschmer's work has been exhibited in design festivals, art shows and galleries in Ontario and Québec.

Krätschmer has received several Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council grants as well as two DesignTO awards.

Andreas Krätschmer divides his time in Picton, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Make sure to visit the Online Shop or head over to the Craft Ontario Shop at 1106 Queen St W to check out Andreas Krätschmer's Featured work!

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