Online Collection

Our online collection is just a selection of the works found in the Craft Ontario Shop. If you'd like to know more, please give us a call at 416.921.1721
Raku Bowl
Face Pots - Small
Le Cozy Wool-Silk Blend Scarf
Object #6
Rosalie Bud Vase
Calipso Necklace - Walnut
Fortuna Necklace
Artemis Earrings - Walnut
Dancing Rabbit Sold out
Sealskin Bracelet
XYLEN Tumblers
Sage Double Wall Espresso Mug - 2oz./ 8oz.
Textured Oval Vase
Flat Brass Rimmed Earrings
Distressed Fold Earrings
Tall Fold Earrings
Oval Fold Earrings
Egg with Legs - Flower
Egg with Crossed Legs
Egg with Legs - Bump
Small Dancing Bear Sold out
Small Dancing Bear
Charred Wood and Amber Brooch
Petrified Wood Necklace
Double Amber Necklace
Leather and Amber Drop Necklace
Leather Cuff Bracelet
Leather Viking Bracelet
Large Colourful Leaf Earrings
Medium Colourful Leaf Earrings
Small Colourful Leaf Earrings
Leather Disks Choker Necklace