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Smash Serving Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Isle of Apples Glass Bead Earrings by Natalie Borghese
Mid-Century Modern Striped Glass Houses
Isle of Apples Earrings - Short
Flexible Wooden Fish Sold out
White and Multicolour Planters with Base
Raku Vessel Sold out
Raku Bowl Sold out
Raku Vase Sold out
Isle of Apples Dangle Earrings
Funky Obsession Earrings
Cheering Him to Blossom by Qumaq Iyaituk (Mangiuk)
Maple Vases by Rudolph Schafron
Tencel Scarf
Handmade wooden salad servers
Olive Wood Tray
Olive Wood Tray
Panda Canopic Jar
Lion Canopic Jar
Elephant Canopic Jar
Koala Canopic Jar
Tiger Canopic Jar
Small Nerikomi Bowl
Pop! Pearl Pendant Necklace
Flexible Wooden Snake
Sloth Jar
Etched Stone Scene Sold out