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Smash Serving Spoon by Stefanie Dueck
Dancing Bear Sold out


Isle of Apples Glass Bead Earrings by Natalie Borghese
Snowy Owl Jar Sold out
Small Raven Earrings by Mathew Nuqingaq Sold out
Mini Maple Leaf Studs Sold out
Kenojuak Ashevak Scarf Sold out
Pig jar Sold out

Pig jar

Spotted Bunny Jar Sold out
Cheese Knives Sold out
Handmade wooden salad servers

Salad Servers

from $75.00
Etched Stone Scene
Thinking of Bear
Blue Sphere Pendant Sold out
Grey Sphere Pendant
Arc Earrings Small
Quarter Coral Pendant
Funky Obsession Earrings
Pattern Swatch Bowl
Dancing Muskox
Medium Landscape Bowl by Sean Robinson
Fish Sold out


Seal Sold out




Penguin Jar Sold out
Elephant Jar Sold out
Inukshuk Earrings
Antler Dangle Earrings
Beaded Kamik Earrings
Skin Drying by Passa Mangiuk
Fetching Water by Passa Mangiuk
Eating by Passa Mangiuk


Cheering Him to Blossom by Qumaq Iyaituk (Mangiuk)
Stick Handling by Mary Paningajak (Alaku)
Birthday Wish by Mattiusi Iyaituk