Original Drawings

(Bird with red and green)
(Bird with red berries)


(Cigarettes in the Arctic)


(Camp with Ski-doo)
(Hunting Party)
(Two Owls)

(Two Owls)

(Owls and Vase)
(Orange Sky)
(Summer River)
(Three Tents)
(Summer Tent with Waterfall)
(Summer Tents)
(Hydro Pole)

(Hydro Pole)

(Arctic Ferret)
(Litho Power Piece)
Gummy Trout Sold out

Gummy Trout

Putting on her clothes back - Anuraqtuq
Okpiup Tarninga
(Mystic Beings 5)
(Mystic Beings 4)
(Mystic Beings 2)
(Mystic Being)
(Blue Fish)
(Mystic Beings 3)