Indigenous Gallery

As one of the first establishments to represent Inuit and Native art in Toronto, Craft Ontario Shop (formerly The Guild Shop) continues to support and be supported by the rich history and culture of Canada’s Indigenous people.
Soper River Crossing Sold out
Five Men and a Boat
Scratching Walrus
From Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Serpentine stone carving.Ê
Sedna’s Rescue
Qilalugaq (Beluga)
Ancient Beluga
Sparring Owls


Exuberant Spirit
Counting Caribou
Roaming Bears
Morning Breeze
Ornamental Owl Sold out
Hunting Bear
Loon & Char Sold out
Summer Buzz
Jubilant Bird


Journey to the Past
Saputiit (Handmade Fish Weir)
Caribou Legs Sold out

Caribou Legs