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Rooster Sculpture
Tenmoku Bird Sculpture
Black Ash Salad Bowl
Large Rainbow Striped Glass Houses
Egg with Tiny Legs Sold out
Egg with Legs - Horns
Tulip Shield Brass Earrings - Large
Vessel Brass Hoop Earrings
Ebb Brass Hoop Earrings
Large Nerikomi Bowl
Medium Nerikomi Bowl
Brass CataPillar Earrings - Small
Brass Light Dancer Earrings - Large
Brass Acorn Shield Earrings
Goddess Shield Earrings in Brass
Tattoo Pattern Earrings
Beluga Whale Earrings
St Clarens 10 - Maple Bowl
Aged Oak Bowl Sold out
Matisse Earrings
Minimalist Single Ring
Minimalist Tassel Earring
Minimalist Drop Earring
Frida Pearl Pendant Necklace
Large Dreamcatchers
Raccoon Bowl
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Flexible Wooden Fish Sold out
Ceramic Headstand Ring Holders
Mid-Century Modern Striped Glass Houses
Knotted Teapot
Owl by Joanasie Manning

by Joanasie Manning

from $200.00
Medium Raven Studs by Mathew Nuqingak