Studio Magazine Vol. 11 No. 2

by Studio Magazine

Fall/Winter 2016-2017

What should we call it – that interface, with which we are all so familiar, between our internal personal creative us and the practical, grocery-shopping, bill-paying person who looks out? ‘Economics’? ‘Finance’? ‘Money’? ‘Capitalism’? What a complicated and workaday subject that sneaks into the very heart of all our decisions.

In discussion for this issue of Studio we didn’t even know how to precisely describe this as a theme, far less give it a clear and meaningful name. Craft and Money? Design and Econo mics? Making and the Market? All the words surrounding the subject are so laden with inferred meaning and heavily woven with emotion and trepidation.

We wanted to discuss not just how craft and design operate as a means of income, but what happens to the creative process as it encounters the socio-political economic system within which we live and work. None of it can be extrapolated to discuss isolated topics without other issues and thoughts seeping in. Patronage and the commission process, as two separate articles display, are deeply connected to marketing and public support, as two other articles show. What we wanted was to explore not only how creativity makes it in this world, but the sorts of broader issues that duck in and out of our minds as we make and make it. Three other articles have nothing to do with money at all – but they’re still about our world; so do they escape the paradoxes of the interface between what we want to do and what we can do? When we look out, for ourselves or onto the world, what do we see? Craft and design have some internal solutions that make capital sense of our surrounding world.