Studio Magazine Vol. 12 No. 2

by Studio Magazine

Fall / Winter 2017

What are we making? That is a question we are always asking ourselves here at Studio. Making a magazine is an unfolding process and each issue invites us to pose the question and respond to the ideas that result.

First, we recently decided that we needed to make some changes. The Slice section had run its course. The internet is the place for topical news and announcements. When there is something to celebrate or announce, we should be doing it immediately not gathering it 6 months ahead of press-time to let it get stale in paper pages. So you will see all of what would have been Slice on from now on.

We will not make stale pages, we decided. Our questions are now and in the making. So we’ve brought in some outside voices in a new section called Atelier – voices from history, from literature and from thinkers related and not related to craft and design. We’ve also decided to give a few pages in each issue to craft and design work being made around the world because Canada thrives when taken in the context of our whole, boundary-less world. This issue sees America and Britain featured – that’s because our ties with the American Craft Council and the Crafts Council (UK) are our closest international cousins. In future issues we’ll be presenting as broad coverage as possible – Canadian making deserves to be seen in the whole picture. Suggestions are very welcome.

So what are you making? And for that matter, what does making mean to you? Or to turn that question around slightly: what are we trying to make making mean?

As we starting thinking about this issue, we realized that we’re all using this word ‘make’ as if it’s already part of ‘craft’ or ‘design’ or ‘art materialization’. Why ‘making’? Is the ‘maker’ movement democratic and open, or is it strategic marketing? What does “I am a maker” mean? Making is something that human beings have done since our earliest beginnings – imbuing material (matter) with something more, transforming material from one configuration into another, into a thing. Things: useful, pleasant, necessary, fanciful. In its beauty and utility, making can be something to aspire to, something to think about, something to embody some other idea, or something to pay the rent. Craft and design is many things – it is making something. What are we making? And why?