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17. Aerial Standoff


2023 CAPE DORSET Annual Print Collection

Official release date for sale, Saturday October 21, 2023
To inquire, contact 416.921.1721 or

Paper: Kizuki Kozo Natural
Printer: Qavavau Manumie
53 x 72 cm

Killiktee Killiktee 1987- comes from a long line of artists starting with his father, Shortie Killiktee. His grandparents on his mother’s side, Kopapik Ragee and Arnirnik Ragee were prominent Cape Dorset artists and his biological brothers are well known carvers, Toonoo Sharky, Napachie Sharky and Allasuaq Sharky

Killiktee started carving when he was 12 years old. His first carving was a seal. He was paid $20 for the piece and he was very proud of the money he earned.

“I learned how to carve by watching my brothers Toonoo Sharky, Napachie Sharky and Allasuaq Sharky working on their carvings. I enjoy carving different types of animals, especially bears and eagles.”

Killiktee is also an accomplished draughtsman and a couple of his drawings have been translated into limited edition prints.