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34. Mythic Walrus


2023 CAPE DORSET Annual Print Collection

Official release date for sale, Saturday October 21, 2023
To inquire, contact 416.921.1721 or

Etching, Aquatint & Chine Collé
Paper: Velin D’Arches White, Dai Chiri, Sumi Kinsha, Thai Unryu, Yamaguchi Chiri & Yame Kozo Hadaura
Printer: Studio PM
96.7 x 73.9 cm

Ningiukulu (Ningeokuluk) Teevee 1963- is one of the most versatile and intelligent graphic artists to emerge from Kinngait Studios. Since her first prints appeared in the collection in 2004, Ningiukulu has been one of Kinngait’s studio’s most celebrated artists. She has a comprehensive knowledge of Inuit legends and a fine sense of design and composition. These elements that have made many of her prints highly sought after by collectors. Ningiukulu has had numerous solo shows of her bold and resplendent drawings and some of her work has been featured in exhibitions in major public galleries and museums.