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06. Battle Royale


2023 CAPE DORSET Annual Print Collection

Official release date for sale, Saturday October 21, 2023
To inquire, contact 416.921.1721 or

Paper: Kizuki Kozo Natural

Printer: Napachie Ashoona
28.2 x 47.2 cm

Napachie Ashoona 1974-
Napachie grew up surrounded by both graphic and sculpture artists. His late grandmother Pitseolak, father Kiugak, and sister Shuvinai are all recipients of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art.

Napachie started sculpting at seven years old, and started drawing in 2021. He likes to draw animals and hunting scenes, and was inspired to draw by watching his late mother Sorosilutu, and sister Shuvinai. He was also a stonecut printer since 2020, up until the early part of 2023.