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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Highlighter Scarf - Hemstitch Finish

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Subtle gradient of hue intensity, pops of contrasting colours and just a touch of sparkle! The Highlighter scarf combines several yarns in this design, resulting in a unique combination of silk, linen and merino wool. Florescent highlighters were the colour inspiration for this collection.

Lucky Kiwi Club scarves glow under UV lights! Yarns are hand-dyed using several fluorescent colours as bases to mix secondary colours.

61% Silk, 25% Linen, 13% Merino wool, 1% Sparkle
Approx. 167 x 30 cm

Carly Hulse is the textile designer and weaver behind Lucky Kiwi Club. A Textile Arts, Design and Marketing graduate, a lifelong maker and creative type. Colour is at the core of everything she makes.

Scarves are woven with a blend of silk and linen, the fine weave is a lovely weight to wear, draping beautifully to show off the sheen of the silk fibre. The bright colours fold and intersect, creating unexpected moments of harmony and juxtaposition.