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Ring - Bark, stubby stack


This solid silver stacker ring expresses bold, organic details and textures as it intends to mimic tree bark! 

Sterling silver

“My inspiration comes from connections with special people that have touched my life and my heart, places that have intrigued me in my travels, and things that have caught my eye, in nature and the world around me. My background in graphic design has influenced the vision and ultimately the form and flow of many of my pieces. My work is expressed in clean simple lines, enhanced with organic details and texture. My intention is to create a bold statement in every one of my pieces that resonates with the wearer, and elicits a sense of confidence, comfort and charm.”

Alysha Alexandroff-Appleton, is an award-winning graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University, in jewellery and metalsmithing. She has a background and interest in graphic design, painting, photography and holography. She is the co-owner of RAWSPACE - jewellery studio, showroom and shop.