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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Holiday Staff Picks

Holiday Staff Picks

A unique piece of jewellery for that special someone; a serving tray for the friend who loves to host; luxurious qiviut yarn for that nonstop knitter - the Craft Ontario Staff has got you covered!

The Holidays are the perfect time to show the special people in your life just how special they are! That's why we've curated a list of pieces that are special to us!

Get to know the staffs style with this curated list and check out the whole collection here!

Janna's Picks - Executive Director

Bright blues and attention to detail! Janna's picks are all about a bright pop of colour and detailed craftsmanship. Right down to the subtle sparkle woven into the Neon Scarf!

Nadia's Picks - Marketing Coordinator

Subtle luxury is what Nadia's all about! Functional woodwork with rich colour and vivid minerals make up Nadia's picks.

Sally's Picks - Digital & Design Solutions Manager

Form and Function! Sally's picks feature decorative objects with functional motifs or functional pieces with decorative motifs.

Elycia's Picks - Member Relations & Programs Manager

From comfortable cloud rings to objects that can make a house a home, comfort is found in Elycia's picks!

Scott's Picks - Sales and Marketing Associate

There's a playful twist in Scott's picks! A bud vase with a sweet bear and an ivory necklace with a swirling whale tail, Scott enjoys the pieces that show an artist's joy.

Valerie's Picks - Sales Associate

Details, details, Details! Valerie's picks are not to be skimmed over. These pieces have details that will be noticed long after your first observation.

Laura's Picks - Sales Associate

Black Urchin Vessel - Black Glaze by Zara GardnerBridge Ring by Anthia BarboutsisMaple Serving Board with Picks by Zima Artworks
Laura's picks are distinct and personal. Objects that are perfect for the person who loves unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Caitlin's Picks - Sales & Accounts Manager

Sedna Packing Doll by Maudie OhiktookQiviut Yarn by Nunavut Qiviut
Caitlin always has an eye for spirit - her picks are joyful and fun! Enjoy Caitlin's unique handmade picks and make your own with her favourite qiviut wool.

Robyn's Picks - Curator
Objects with fine detail, texture and colour that will live in your mind, rent free! Robyn's picks will leave a lasting impression!

Nehal's Picks - Editor-in-Chief, Studio Magazine

Click to expand             Eggs With Legs Sculptures by Janet MacphersonFall Petals Pendant by Gayane AvetisyanBirds of Cape Dorset Note Card Assortment by Pomegranate
Make a real statement with Nehal's picks! Whether its for yourself or to be gifted, Nehal always knows how to pick the perfect piece that always makes a statement.

Julie's Picks - Advertising Representative, Studio Magazine

Original Drawing by Ohotaq MikkigakSpiral Hourglass Tumbler by Charlie Larouche GlassBook - Nibi Emosaawdang / The Water Walker by Joanne Robertson
Julie's picks are all about the experience! Bold and telling graphics, delicate venetian style glass, and engaging stories. Every piece tells a story and inspires conversation.

Lera's Picks - Managing Editor, Studio Magazine

Northern Lights Ring by Dan WadeOversize Tote Bag by EinfaltBesotted Owl by Ooloosie Saila
Jewellery depicting the symphony of the northern lights; natural fibre that gets softer with use; eye-catching movement and striking pattern; Lera's picks are all about movement!

For more picks, check out the whole collection here or head to the Shop at 1106 Queen St W for much more!
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