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Supporting the careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.
Supporting careers of Canadian craftspeople since 1931.


Put a face to the name!

"This book shares the true story of an Ojibwe grandmother in an engaging manner for young people. Providing opportunities to learn about first peoples beliefs and culture and about the importance of water and our responsibility to protect it."

⎯ Julie

"I love the idea of having a plant propagation station on the wall!"

⎯ Elycia

"I really love the graphical elements of this work, the simple but evocative shapes and colours like the stretched skin and drying fish..."

⎯ Sally

"I love these, they're so weird and delightful."

⎯ Nehal

"A really cute dry bud vase. Whimsical and childlike but could look beautiful in any home."

⎯ Scott

"Love these beautiful blues 😍 , the finishing and quality is exceptional."

⎯ Janna

"I think this piece is so clever and beautifully executed -- it's really special."

⎯ Robyn

"The playful quality of Ooloosie Saila's depictions of arctic animals is always eye-catching, and is sure to be a conversation-piece with its movement vibrant pattern!"

⎯ Lera

"I love how simple and sleek these little trays are. They seem so multi-functional and could easily work in any room."

⎯ Nadia